Other possible monologue subjects included "How Casablanca is an allegory of the discovery of fire" and "Was John Wayne responsible for the Industrial Revolution?"

You probably can't tell, but I spent a LONG time on the hands in today's strip. Hands are really hard for me to draw well, but they were pretty important in today's strip so I had to force myself to work on them. Oh wait, that is the sort of thing artists are not supposed to admit to their fans. DRAWING HANDS IS THE EASIEST THING IN THE WORLD I DREW THIS WHOLE COMIC IN 45 SECONDS WITH MY EYES SHUT


Yeah. Anyway. QC is doing well at both Top Web Comics AND Buzzcomix, thanks to awesome readers like you. Keep up the votes and I will love you forever. In a platonic, Jesus-like way.

To the people who wrote in saying they were sending me t-shirt checks via the US Postal Service (not the Postal Service with the dude from Death Cab for Cutie in it), I have recieved your checks and will give you t-shirts in exchange for them. Speaking of T-shirts, my plan is to contact the printer next week with graphics and stuff, so they should get done in the near future if all goes well. I'll keep you posted.

I love my iBook so far. The only problem is that it is so cool (and OS X is so sex) that my lust for a G5 has gotten even more, uh, lustful. I never said the English language was my strong suit! I never even WEAR my suit! Except at the occasional formal function!


Good lord, I think the Dunkin Donuts guy put something in my coffee this morning.

See you Monday!

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