Questionable Content is an internet comic strip about friendship, romance, and robots. The world of QC is set in the present day (whenever the present day actually is) and is pretty much the same as our own except there are robots all over the place and giant space stations and the United States wasn't ravaged by a pandemic in 2020 and...okay so there are some differences. But it's not too far off!!! Anyway it's set in Northampton, Massachusetts and follows best buddies Marten and Faye as they navigate life, make friends and forge relationships, and there is definitely some robot smoochin' later on. If the giant archive of comics intimidates you, don't worry- you can pretty much jump in anywhere and have a general idea of what's going on in a dozen strips or so. If you're looking for what I, THE AUTHOR, would recommend as a good place to start, I'd say 3500 is a pretty good jumping in point for the current state of the comic.
Fun facts: QC started on August 1, 2003. There are a whole bunch of horrible alternate URLS you can use to navigate to the comic. ALSO: if you want to get the comics 24 hours before they go live on this website and a bunch of cool BONUS (questionable) CONTENT, you can subscribe to my patreon!

Jeph Jacques was born on June 17, 1980. He grew up in Rockville, Maryland, spent his 20s living in Western Massachusetts, and currently calls Halifax, Nova Scotia home. Questionable Content has been his full-time job since September 2004. He has a wife and a dog and a lot of guitars. You can listen to his guitar music here.

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