I have heard numerous people (guys and girls) say that either they bought a pair of Diesel jeans or really want a pair because they have some kind of magical ass-flattering powers. I only make fun lightly, because where some people spend $200 on a pair of pants, I spend $1500 on an electric guitar. Hello pot, my name is kettle.

I'm very happy with how Faye's profile and Dora's hand came out in the last panel of today's strip. I'm also pretty pleased with the background work in panel 1. Hopefully they are tolerable for your eyes to look at. Also hopefully you do not hate me for making more butt jokes. Butts are funny, I am sorry.

I am currently battling my way through some pretty hardcore depression, the sort that makes a man want to stay under the covers all day, where he feels safer. I am trying to treat it as one treats a cold, with plenty of rest and fluids, in the hopes that it will lift soon. I absolutely refuse to let my mental state get in the way of making comics, though. For one thing it's a great way to keep my mind off of bad things, it is hard to have a panic attack when you are busy trying to figure out the proper position for a hand reaching to grab a butt. For another thing it is a kind of therapy, something that, no matter how bad things get, I can look back on and say "well, at least I drew a comic strip that I am pretty happy with."

Anyway enough about my stupid personal life, you do not want to read about that.

I have sent the Pintsize and Anti-Emo shirts to the printer, who tells me that they will be ready on or around April 5th. While this is a little later than I was expecting, I think it is okay to wait a little while longer. So many people ordered shirts that I actually got a discount on the printing costs, a feat that I never thought I would attain. Thanks so much to everyone who ordered a shirt!

Also, just because they have gone to print does not mean you should hesitate from ordering one if you have not done so. In this vein, I will be discontinuing the Tip t-shirts as of April 1st, so if you want one you should order before then. I plan to replace them with something new that I think boys and girls alike will enjoy.

That's all for now, I am going to go read comic books and drink boutique ginger ale. See you Friday!

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