Woo! Comic.

So I went skiing with my friends Eric and Kat today, and it was SUPER FUN, except I had one particularly bad fall and I think I might have broken my right collarbone, because it hurts like hell and my shoulder don't move so good on that side anymore. (I am going to the doctor either tonight or tomorrow to get it x-rayed). Thank goodness it wasn't the left or I probably wouldn't have been able to draw tonight.

Anyway, the upside of this is I sat around in a pain induced stupor this evening and plotted out the next big chunk of QC's story. I think you'll like the ideas I have come up with! Many of them will take quite some time to come to fruition but I am cautiously pleased with the direction the comic will be heading in.

Anyway, time to either go to the ER or go home and take some Vicodin. See you tomorrow!

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