Man, my sense of humor has been in a weirder place than usual this week. People seem to like it though, I'm glad for that.

Remember, this Thursday, April 1, is the last day for ordering Tip shirts, after that they are gone! Thanks to everyone who has helped support QC by purchasing merchandise, telling people about the comic, and voting on Buzzcomix. It is hugely appreciated! According to the printer the Anti-Emo and Pintsize shirts will be in my hands on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I expect them to be in the mail to you by that Friday or Saturday. Exciting stuff!

I have begun an exercise regimen in order to shed some pounds as the warmer months come upon us (also because dopamine and endorphins, released during exercise, help with the depressions). Situps and pushups are a breeze for me, but I cannot seem to run more than 1/3 of a mile without feeling as if a large truck has been parked on my esophagus. Apparently when God built me he decided that I should be very good at hefting extremely heavy objects, but terrible at running away from marauding dinosaurs or jungle cats. Maybe I am supposed to fight off Dinosaurus by striking him with an uprooted tree trunk? Wish me luck in my exercise endeavor, hopefully I will be fit and trim for the summer convention season. Maybe I will offer arm-wrestling contests!

There have been some additions to the Fan Art section lately, they are definitely worth checking out. Also I am going to put up a couple more sketches in the sketchbook thread over on the forum later on this evening, be on the lookout for those. I am considering making a seperate page on the site for my sketches, possibly a blog-type thing with comments for each drawing. Is this something you think I should do? Let me know.

Remember: new email address for talking to Jeph. jephco at mac dot com is where you want to be sending things now!

That's all for now, I have to scan some sketches and massage my poor aching muscles. See you Friday!

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