Hoo boy, got a whole bunch of stuff to recommend to you tonight.

First of all, we have a NEW SHIRT up for pre-order: The Kittymonster. Spiritual successor to our popular Bearmonster design and produced because you people would not stop emailing me about Hannelore's kitty t-shirt from a while back. We'll do pre-orders until the end of next Friday and then order the first batch. This is also an EXPERIMENT to see if you guys prefer American Apparel t-shirts to Hanes and Gildan. Vote with your dollars, the American way!

Secondly, I have been listening the HELL out of the new album by Osbourne (no relation to Ozzy). It is self-titled and SO GOOD. Imagine if The Album Leaf were interested in making house music, or if Telefon Tel Aviv cheered up for once. The first two tracks, "16th Stage" and "Downtown" are absolute must-listens, and the rest of the record is really fun too.

Finally, I came across Wasted Talent the other day, which is a really cute little diary-style comic. If you enjoy cute artwork and silly humor and don't mind liberal use of 4chan-isms, you will probably enjoy it!

Okay that is IT. Time to go watch bad movies with friends and play Rock Band. See you Monday.

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