And so this little mini-story-arc concludes. Even Faye is not infallible. Why is she so fixated on Marten and Dora getting together, though? Only time will tell.

I am pretty happy with this strip. I think Marten in particular looks a lot better, as if he actually has a torso underneath the shirt. I am constantly amazed at what a difference three or four pixels can make.

I am making gradual headway on catching up with shirt orders, people who ordered Tip shirts should be in for a pleasant surprise in the near future. I'm gonna come out with a couple of different designs soon, just as soon as I finish revamping the store and doing some other behind the scenes stuff.

If you like to laugh, than I predict with the utmost confidence that you will enjoy Okay Pants, a comic by the wonderful Julie Keene. The most recent storyline involving the robot has tickled my fancy to no end. It is quality stuff, go check it out!

Speaking of quality, the Scary Go Round guest week continues to go strong. With work by Sam Logan, Jeff Rowland, and Jon Rosenberg, it is already a sight to behold (my guest comic is pretty okay too I guess). I have seen a sneak preview of the other artists yet to come, and I am practically writing with anticipation.

Finally, a music recommendation: Go out and buy Our Endless Numbered Days by Iron & Wine as soon as possible. I do not like folk music, it generally makes me want to commit murders. Sam Beam, however, has produced a folk album that absolutely breaks my heart with its beauty. This is an album I think just about everybody will enjoy listening to. He has a couple more records that I have heard are just as good, but this is the only one I currently own so that is where my endorsement lies.

That's all for now. Have a nice weekend, enjoy the comic. I will see you Monday!

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