I feel a little guilty for doing a mostly-AnthroPC strip. They are so much easier to draw than people that it kind of feels like cheating. Hopefully you like the comic anyway, I promise it was not done out of laziness.

PC modding is an interesting pastime. On one hand, it's really fun to tinker around with your computer and make it look all crazy and stuff. On the other hand, just like your Honda Civic probably doesn't need that 4-foot spoiler on the back, your 1.4ghz Athlon desktop probably doesn't need a $400 case and $250 worth of cathode lighting inside it. Still, to each their own. My PC sits in a really nice Lian Li case with a big ol' window on the side, so I can't exactly make fun.

Today's comic was drawn while listening to a CD that I lost ages ago but finally picked up again on Amazon the other day for about $1.50- Junior Citizen by the Poster Children. It's my favorite record of theirs and definitely worth checking out.

Word on the street is that the Blood Brothers are back in the studio, recording their follow-up to the amazing Burn, Piano Island, Burn. I am excited. Dudes who think I'm not really a "true hardcore fan" because I listen to the Blood Brothers are sad.

I am super-excited for my vacation later this week. It will be nice to have a couple days where I have absolutely nothing to do except draw and play guitar. My plan is to get a couple extra comics done on Thursday and Friday so I can run five comics next week instead of the usual three. I wish I could do QC every single day, and this vacation will let me pull it off, if only for a little while.

That's it for tonight. Enjoy the comic and I will see you Friday!

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