I'm very pleased to announce that Questionable Content is now partnering with Topatoco to handle all of our merchandise shipping! QC has just gotten too big for Cristi and I to handle everything ourselves anymore, and Topatoco has a well-deserved reputation for being awesome.

What does this mean for you, the (potential) QC customer? Faster and more reliable order turnaround, faster shipping, greater shopping and payment options, and better customer service. Basically YOU WIN IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY.

What does this mean for us? Not wanting to kill ourselves because WE HAVE SO MANY T-SHIRTS TO MAIL OUT OH GOD which has pretty much been our state of mind for the past four years.

Now, here are the important details:

We are discontinuing several designs to make the transition easier and free up room for new merchandise. The designs we are discontinuing are: Deahtmole, ZAP, Bomb the Blogosphere, Irony, Dashing Hat (aka the Indiana Jones shirt), Rockin' Pintsize, and Coffee of Doom*.
If you want any of these designs, you MUST ORDER by January 23rd.

We are also eliminating some of the extra color options on the following designs: Royal Blue for "Evolution Kills," Serene Green for the Hannelore shirt, Purple LGBTerrific, Red and Grey Hobocore, Pink and Navy Broken Heart, "Red Everything Is Ruined Forever," and Pink" I Feel Pretty." We're not discontinuing these entirely, just getting rid of the less popular color options. Again, you must order by the 23rd to get them before they're gone.

We will be closing the QC store on the 23rd to begin the transition over to Topatoco, and will re-open on the 26th. If you currently have an outstanding order, don't worry- we will get it filled as quickly as we can. We're trying to make this transition as smooth as possible but appreciate your patience in case of any delays.

Anyway I am COMPLETELY PSYCHED that we're partnering up with Topatoco and I think you will be too!

*I'm working on an update of this one. It will be SEXY and EXCELLENT.

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