I basically just wanted to draw some giraffes.

SO: Emerald City Comic Con was a blast! We flew out to Seattle on Friday night with Tallahassee and Paperklip and immediately commenced to drinkin' and karaokein' and partyin'. Saturday the con started and I had a line of people stretching around my table and into the tables behind us pretty much all day! Then at the end of the day my buddy Wil stopped by, and it was Good Times. Saturday night a bunch of us webcomics folks ate dinner at the SPACE NEEDLE (spice noodle) and it was FANCY and NOT A LITTLE DISCONCERTING to be ROTATING WHILE WE ATE. Then there were more beers, then Sunday happened, then Sunday night there was MORE beers, then we flew home. So basically it was a totally fun, exhausting weekend, and Seattle is one of my favorite cities and everybody who came out to the con was TREMENDOUSLY WONDERFUL. Thank you everybody!

See you tomorrow.

PS that new Royksopp album is so dang good oh me oh my

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