Sven appears to be having a rough time of it.

So, I don't normally like to get all ostentatious or boastful about stuff, but this year for my birthday (June 17th) I decided to get a guitar. But not just any guitar- a custom-made, hand-built Creston! I recieved it today, and Creston did an incredible job. It is essentially my ultimate Telecaster, and there are pretty pictures of it here. I also made a short audio file where I walk through what it sounds like. If you'd like to hear my incredibly nerdy voice (and some slightly less nerdy guitar playing), click here.

Anyway thank you Creston! And thank YOU, dear readers, for supporting me and allowing me to own such a fine instrument. It really means a lot to me.

Okay I MUST be tired if I'm getting all sentimental in a newspost. See you tomorrow.

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