People often ask me why my characters are so pale. Have you looked at your average goth or indie-rock person lately? We do not like the sun! We hate it a lot! Or at least we tend not to tan very well. You can almost see my organs through my skin when I take my shirt off. It's pretty sad.

The History Channel conspired to prevent me from finishing today's comic on time! Curse those damned back-to-back Band of Brothers episodes! I plan to buy the DVD box set this week so I don't have to worry about it anymore. BoB is seriously the best thing ever done for television.

Also it looks like Dubya has already started running campaign ads. I feel a little sick and scared whenever I imagine him in office for another four years. Actually I feel a lot sick and scared when I think about that. Vote Kerry in 2004, people. Please.

Does Marten look a little different in today's comic? Maybe he does! Maybe I spent a good chunk of the weekend learning to draw him better. It is possible!

If you look below the newsposts, you will now see a little CON-FLAGRATION 2004 graphic with some names and places below it. These are conventions where it will be possible to find me and say hello or get a drawing or whatever!

I will just be hanging out at MoCCA, not there "officially". If you are going to be there, look for me around the Dumbrella table- I will probably be there, hanging out with some of my pals and grimacing at Jeff Rowland's tales of spider horror.

I am a Guest of Honor at Connecticon, which looks to be a seriously awesome time. Look at all the people who are going to be there! I will be representin' Dayfree Press along with Neil G and Brian Carroll. Also John Allison, RStevens, Aido, and a whole fuckton of other awesome artists will be there. I daresay it is the must-attend East Coast con of the summer. Hopefully I will see you there!

Wow, I sure did cut it close tonight. I'd better just upload this sucker before I start getting worried emails. Enjoy the comic and I will see you Wednesday!

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