I love ratchet screwdrivers. They make putting together furniture so much easier. Dora carries one with her in those big-ass pants because you never know when you might need one. Dora is a nerd.

There was an interesting article on ComixPedia the other day about implied action in comic strips. Today's QC is a perfect example of this- it's implied that either Faye or Marten called Dora at the coffee shop to come help them out in their scheme to rescure Pintsize, but it's not explicitly stated in the comic itself. Just a reminder that just because something isn't completely explained in the comic doesn't mean that I'm a hack who doesn't pay attention to the details. I'm a hack for a whole host of reasons, but that is not one of them. ;)

So it's July now, and the year is pretty much half over. I plan on doing a Top Ten Records of 2004 list at the end of December, but I think now would b a good time to recap some of the records released this year that you should own by now if you enjoy listening to good music:

Ratatat- Ratatat
Namelessnumberheadman- Your Voice Repeating
Modest Mouse- Good News for People who Love Bad News
AC Newman- The Slow Wonder
Wilco- A Ghost is Born
The Walkmen- Bows & Arrows
Xiu Xiu- Fabulous Muscles

Not bad for six months! I can't wait to see what the second half of 2004 brings us. I will do my best to keep you informed.

Anyway have a nice Monday, enjoy the comic, and I will see you with more drawings and stuff on Wednesday.

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