HOORAY viscerally horrific comics

so uh yeah sorry this is so late. I am kind of having Ye Olde Severe Depression Issues and didn't think I would be able to do a comic, but then I remembered that basically the only thing I am any good at in life is this comic (and I'm not even very good at that!) so I knuckled down and did one. I hope it is acceptable.

I feel so stupid and whiny even bringing this shit up, it's nothing you haven't heard from me 1000 times before and I feel really guilty making people worry, or even care. My life is not a particularly difficult one all things considered, I should not use my Popular Website to moan about my Difficult Feelings. It is a waste of my time and yours and I will try to do less of it in the future.

I will be at SPX in Maryland this coming weekend! Look for the large shivering wreck of a man trapped amongst his more talented peers, that will be me.

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