Agent Turing still gets a little nervous when he lights a cigarette, remembering past beat-downs at the hands of a wiry teenage girl. Dora is tough! She has mellowed a bit with age, but I still wouldn't mess with her. And hey, now we know her last name! Maybe someday we'll find out what Faye's is, I dunno.

It has come to my attention that Sam Logan has called me out to start a webcomic rivalry! Now that we are HELLA RIVALS I can confide in you, my trusty readers, that Mr. Logan is a fraud, a coward, and a villain most nefarious. He forces innocent orphaned children to draw his comic strip for him, in return for nothing but beatings and spite! He thought napalm was a pretty good idea! He glares at babies until they cry!

But enough about Sam Logan, let us move on to less other topics.

I recently got my hands on an utterly amazing record- In a Safe Place by The Album Leaf. This is the most immediately ingratiating albu, I have heard all year- one listen and it will have you utterly hooked. It is gorgeous, cinematic electronic pop music along the lines of Sigur Ros (who had a big hand in the creation of the record) and Dntel. I have been unable to listen to anything else for the past three days, it is so good. Go buy it right now, it is available in the iTunes music store, on, or possibly in a local record store if you are lucky. I promise you will not be disappointed.

I am in the process of working on a 7-page black and white mini-comic that will hopefully be available for sale at Connecticon and on the website thereafter. It is just a little story about Marten and Faye, and is a little different from the stuff I usually do here on the website. I am really excited to see how it turns out, so keep your eyes peeled here and at CTcon for it.

I reorganized the Links page a couple days ago and made a bunch of additions. Go take a look if you like good webcomics, I think every one I link to is completely awesome in its own special way.

QC has retaken #1 on Buzzcomix! Thanks so much to everyone who votes, you ladies and fellows bring joy to my heart each and every day. I will try to get an extra comic done sometime this month as a thank-you, because I think my readers are awesome.

That's it for this update. Go buy that Album Leaf record, enjoy today's comic, and I will see you Monday!

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