Haven't we all been there? I mean, not specifically with being a closeted lesbian, but the whole parent-walking-in-at-an-awkward-moment thing. Whoo boy, I am glad I don't live with my folks anymore.

Hey look- Comixpedia interviewed me! Go check it out, I think it came out pretty good! Thanks a lot to Yola and Al for inviting me to do it, I had a lot of fun answering Yola's questions.

Thanks so much to everyone who emailed me and IMed me to say happy QC birthday! It was great to hear from you all- I am still trying to work through the backlog of email, I promise I will get everyone taken care of eventually.

A question for my readers: someone wrote in to suggest that I make a page on this site dedicated to recommending music for people to listen to. I've worked up a rough version of it here and want to know what you think. Is this a useful thing for me to do? Should I stop writing those little blurbs because I am a terrible writer? Anyway let me know.

That's it for tonight- it is about 100 degrees up here in my computer room (no AC up here, hurrrr) so I am going to go downstairs and fix myself a cold beverage. Enjoy the comic, and I will see you Friday!

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