Dora reads a lot of Neal Stephenson, which is where she picked up the term clitoriste to describe ladies who enjoy gettin' it on with other ladies. She's a smart one, that Dora.

If you go over to the Shirts page, you will see a new t-shirt available for sale! It is the exact sort of shirt that I would buy from a webcomic, so hopefully lots of you people will feel the same way. Here is the plan: I am going to do ONE WEEK of pre-orders for this shirt to gauge response. Everyone who orders between right now and midnight on July 16th is guaranteed to get their hands on the first printing of these shirts. After the 16th, we'll see what happens. Ladies: do not fret! I have a special, sexy design in the works for you that will debut on Wednesday, and be subject to a similar one-week preorder deal. Hopefully this is good news for people!

Buzzcomix is (mostly) back up, so if you are the sort of person who likes voting for QC (and you know I think you are awesome if you do), then you can vote yourself silly now.

Not much else to report tonight, it was a busy weekend in a busy month in general. See you Wednesday!

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