Poor Faye. Once you know what her buttons are, it's really easy to push them if you don't fear her punches.

Response to the t-shirts has been amazing so far! Thanks so much to everyone who has ordered one- your purchases will go a long way towards helping support me and the comic. I'll do my best to get them printed and shipped in a timely fashion. Don't forget, you only have until next Tuesday (August 17th) to order- after that, there'll be a delay before I start selling them again while I catch up on present orders. Make sure you get in on this while you can! Also, free stickers with each shirt order. Free!

This whole t-shirt business, coupled with a massive amount of the at le day job, has resulted in me getting way behind on emails. I will try to find some time this weekend to catch up, but Lord knows if/when I'll actually get to them.

So in the first panel Faye is referencing the Fiery Furnaces' newest album, Blueberry Boat. This is without a doubt the most ambitious record I have heard all year- it sounds like a recording studio EXPLODED and they somehow got it down on tape. The first track, Quay Cur, is a fucking epic, and I don't toss that term around lightly. Who-esque rock operettes with more intricate, idiosyncratic orchestration than anything I've ever heard before. This album makes The Unicorns sound like The Ramones by comparison- it's that ornate and that bizarre. The bottom line, though, is that they've managed to cram what sounds like 15 amazing pop songs into every track on this CD, and there are 13 tracks! It's an overwhelming, bewildering listen, but supremely enjoyable at the same time. I highly recommend it (and it'll probably find its way over to the Recommended Listening page in the next couple of days).

That's all for tonight. Thanks again for reading, for helping support the comic in whatever way you choose (voting, buying stuff, sending me money with funny messages like "YUOR COMIK RULEZZZ!!1!), and for helping spread the word! Have a nice weekend and I will see you on Monday with a fresh new comic for your perusal, as always.

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