Everybody loves poop humor. Right? Hello? [cricket noises]

QC has moved to its new server. If you're reading this, it means the DNS has successfully propagated to wherever you are. Hooray! The new server should eliminate all of the sporadic downtime the site has been experiencing. If for some reason you're STILL having trouble resolving the site, please email me (jephco at yahoo dot com) and let me know.

I'd like to tell you about and extend a special thanks to the two other people who help me run this site, HeatherD and Nihilist. HeatherD is currently coding the upcoming redesign of the site, which will be extra-super-awesome. Nihlist hosts the site now, and is like an onmipresent server god. He will smite you! Thanks, you two. I'd be screwed (and actually have to PAY for hosting, shudder) without you.

If you're not one of my personal friends or family members, you might not know about my OTHER website, Jephco. It's basically my weblog/personal site, so if you're curious about the idiot who actually DRAWS these retarded comics, you should check it out.

One last thing- my friend James might be doing a QC guest strip sometime in the near future. He is awesome, funny, and British. If you're curious about his work, you can check out a couple of his guest strips for the most-excellent Comet-7. I will post more info when I recieve it.

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