Bet you didn't see that coming!

For those not "in the know", the girl and robot in panel four are Lil' Sis and Clango from Diesel Sweeties. If you do not already read DS, you really should. It is 1000+ strips of delicious candy goodness.

I got some interesting news today; it could be very, very good news for people who enjoy my comic. I can't elaborate any further right now, but as soon as I can I'll fill you in.

I have all of the current t-shirt orders tallied up, and they will go to the printer tomorrow afternoon. The shirts should hopefully be in my hands (and then on their way to you) within a couple weeks. Thanks so much to everyone who helps support me and my work, you guys really help a lot more than you know.

Not much else to report tonight. The strip is up nice and early which means I have some time to relax a little. Lord knows I need it.

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