That is one angry phone! Before you email/IM/yell at me on the forum- yes Faye's hair looks a little different. I decided to do something new with it. If you find yourself having an OCD attack over it, imagine that the scuffle with Amanda made it a little poofier or something. Anyway, moving on:

A few months ago I went to see The Unicorns play in Northampton. Opening for them was a band called The Arcade Fire, who proceeded to play a better show than The Unicorns themselves. The entire time they were playing, I was thinking "man, these guys are fuckin' GREAT live, but how will they ever translate this greatness to record? I don't think they can do it."

I was happily wrong. I got my hands on a leaked copy of their forthcoming CD, Funeral and it is fuckin' incredible. Imagine the Talking Heads, only more bombastic sometimes, and you've got a pretty good idea of what it sounds like. This is going to be one of the best records of the year. The official release is September 14th I believe, but if you hit up SoulSeek or IndieTorrents you can grab a leaked copy.

So you know how I was saying I'd have some big announcement to make today? Well, it's gonna have to wait until Wednesday or I'll get in big trouble. I can 100% GUARANTEE that you will find out in two days, I promise it will be news to make you QUIVER WITH GLEE.

Buzzcomix has gotten more interesting! My friends at Wigu and Scary Go Round joined the list, and Spells & Whistles is currently within a couple hundred votes of overtaking me. Everyone is trying to take me down! Here's the thing- if I can stay on top for the rest of this month, I'll go into the Hall of Fame and you won't have to vote for QC anymore. In order to pull this off, though, I need your help. So please vote for QC every day- if even 1/4 of my audience voted I think we'd clinch the Hall of Fame spot easily. If that happens, I'll whip up something special as a thank-you to everyone who voted. You guys and girls are the best readers a simple man like me could ever hope to have- thank you so much for your support!

That's all for tonight. This week is going to be incredibly busy for me, as you'll see on Wednesday. Enjoy today's comic and I'll see you then!

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