Ah, ye olde Weeping Demon. I think there's an unwritten rule that all the best dive bars have really weird-ass names, preferably with a "Ye Olde" prefix as well.

So this strip marks the start of QC updating 5x per week! Wish me luck- I'm not too worried about getting a comic drawn every day, now that I have all this extra free time, but every bit of luck helps.

Good news- the first printing of Music & Science and Fighter Jet shirts got printed early, which means they should be going out in the mail by the end of this week, along with the final printing of the original Pintsize t-shirts. I can't wait to see how the new designs come out- I have a strong suspicion that they will be completely rad.

So the Wrens put on the best rock show I have ever seen this past Saturday. I've never seen a band put out that much energy or goodwill towards their audience before. You could really tell the guys were having a ball up there, and the crowd reacted well in turn. Hooray for an awesome show, boo to the stupid scenester chicks who were talking in front of me through the Wrens first song, and to the stupid fratboy who kept farting up my vicinity of the club all night. Other than that, it was a rad show. I even got to meet one of my readers! That's always fun. Unless one of you stabs me. Please, do not stab me.

Not too much else to report. This week should be a lot of fun- I have some neat things in store for the comic, and a couple other fun ideas I'll be working on at the same time. Enjoy today's comic, have a pleasant Labor Day (or in my case, a Lack of Labor day), and I will see you Tuesday!

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