Before the pedants attack, I checked and according to cruel is indeed a two-syllable word.

The first run of M&S and Fighter Jet shirts is here! They came out even better than I was expecting. I'll be packing and shipping them out over the next couple days so most people can expect to recieve theirs by the end of next week if all goes according to plan. As soon as they're all shipped, I'm bringing both shirt designs back into the store because so many of y'all have been clamoring for them.

Man, doing a comic every day has turned me into some kind of drawing NINJA. The strips have been getting done faster and faster this week, even though they've been just as work-intensive as my usual stuff. I feel like a runner who moved up from the 50 yard dash to the 100 yard dash, only to find that he could suddenly run twice as fast. Hopefully this added speed will translate into improved artwork soon as well- we all know how much I value progress in the overall look of QC.

Readers of Diesel Sweeties may have noticed that I am scheduled to run a guest strip over there this Friday! I think mine came out okay, but the strips so far have been so excellent that I am not sure if mine can compare. Hopefully people will like it. I'll remind y'all on Friday as well.

My pal Brian Carroll recently launched his new comic series over at Instant Classic. It is running 7 days per week (way to make me look lazy Brian!) and is pretty darn funny so far! You should go read it.

That's all for tonight. My bed is literally covered in t-shirts, Tyvek envelopes, and stickers, and I need to find somewhere to put them all if I don't want to sleep on the floor. See you Friday!

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