Man I think panels 3 and 4 of today's strip are two of the best drawings I have ever done. This was a real fun comic to draw in general. I have the next week's worth of strips already written, so this current little story arc should be a lot of fun to work on (and hopefully for you to read!).

Man the craziest thing about being "unemployed" so far is my sleep schedule. I am up until four or five AM every morning, and sleeping in until noon. It's like I'm in college again, only without the psychotic girlfriend (or any girlfriend, actually) and tiny dorm room. Oh and I can buy my own beer now.* Hooray.

The M&S and Fighter Jet shirts will go back on some point this week. I need to get some more shippin' done before I can concentrate on retooling the merch page to be a little more user-friendly. I'll let you know when that goes down. While I'm doing this, Pintsize and Aerodynamically Curvaceous shirts are still on sale. I'll order another printing of each as soon as I have enough orders, so feel free to place yours whenever you like.

Ahh, Jerkcity is finally back from it's hiatus. I missed Rands and Pants and Deuce and HLGBAGLUAHLAGBLAGH.

That's it for tonight. Enjoy the comic and I will see you Tuesday!

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