Oh man, Marten is sure having a rough time of things this week. Here's hoping he can avoid being decapitated and defenestrated.

I have been really happy with my art lately! Lots of subtle little tweaks and adjustments have really been making a difference, at least in my eyes. For whatever reason the strips are getting drawn twice as fast this week, even really art-intensive comics like today's. I'm not gonna complain.

My PayPal transfer cleared the bank today, which means I will resume shipping out the Music & Science and Fighter Jet shirts ASAP! I'll try to get them all out by the end of the week, but we'll see what happens. Some people have already recieved theirs and from what I can tell the response has been overwhelming satisfaction.

Here is a fun idea I would like to try- when you recieve your shirt, take a picture of yourself wearing it (if you feel like it) and email it to me (put "Shirt Picture" or something similar in the subject line so I know to sort it out of my regular mail). I will use the photos I like best on the shirts page, and whoever sends in the awesomest picture will recieve a free custom drawing by me! This could be very fun, so break out those digital cameras. I'll let you know when I have recieved enough submissions.

Finally: It's very strange, and pretty minimal as far as art and coherency go, but Lick My Jesus has had me LOLLIN' and ROFLIN' all evenin'. If you like weird humor you should check it out!

That's it for now. See you Thursday!

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