"Thpppt bleah" is a reference to one of my favorite newspaper cartoonists of all time, Berkeley Breathed (of Bloom County and Outland fame). Ack Oop!

I did not get any t-shirts shipped out today. Why, you ask? Because I spent the entire afternoon on the phone with various people at my former place of employment and my health insurance provider, trying to figure out A) why they cancelled my coverage when I specifically asked them not to and B) whether I could get it reinstated in time to cover my surgery on the 27th. The current answer appears to be that they will cover the surgery retroactively, once I have recieved, filled out, and mailed back some paperwork that they brilliantly sent to my old address. Hooray for beurocracy! If you happen to read a headline stating "ConnectiCare Home Offices Burnt Down and Urinated On" I am not saying I would be the culprit, but I certainly would be dancing a jig on the smoking, pee-stained rubble. Fuckers.

Anyway I am sorry for the delay, I hope to make a big shipment tomorrow to make up for it.

Not much else to report tonight. It will be a busy weekend of site maintenance and shirt-packing, and possibly some alcohol will be imbibed. Have a pleasant one yourselves, and I will see you on Monday.

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