Poor Steve. I do seem to enjoy being mean to my male characters, don't I? Will I ever let up? I can only hope Marten is not hit by a truck tomorrow.

All of the comics lately have been fueled by Vitamin Water. I cannot get enough of this stuff- it's like a lighter, tastier version of Gatorade without all the retarded XTREEEEM!!!! packaging. I'm particularly partial to the "Energy" flavor, because in addition to being vitamins and water, it is also caffeinated. Mmm caffeine.

Okay I am not sure why I just wasted a whole paragraph talking about Vitamin Water. Perhaps the pretty drawings of late have been due to my increased vitamin intake? If there are any Vitamin Water sales reps in my audience, I'd totally sponsor you guys in exchange for free drinks.

That's it for now, enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow!

This message brought to you courtesy of Vitamin Waterâ„¢

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