Today's fanciful comic is brought to you by the fact-tastic Jim Burgess of Able and Baker. Thanks Jim! Tomorrow, the final guest comic will be courtesy of my good friend Stirling from One Man Knife Fight.

I am largely over the flu now, it would seem. How lucky is it that I had an entire guest week planned anyway? I am really looking forward to doing QC myself again- a week off is too long! Thanks to all the wonderful guest artists for stepping up to the plate and helping me out.

A reminder: Tomorrow I will be over at Amherst College from 11:30 through most of the afternoon for the second annual ConDuct convention. I have a meet n' greet right at 11:30 and will be on a few other panels throughout the afternoon. If you stop by, I might even draw you a sketch!

So do you read Something Awful? I have been a loyal fan for a couple years now, and I think the new Flash Tub series is some of the funniest work they've done in quite some time. Check it out (may be possibly not safe for work).

That's it for now, see you tomorrow.

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