Good LORD was tonight's comic ever hard to write. Once I got past that, though, it was smooth sailing. I'm even somewhat happy with it!

Exciting shirt news: The last of the first batch of M&S and Fighter Jet shirts went out in the mail today. I have a new labeling method which has greatly reduced the time it takes me to get shirts addressed and ready to be shipped. I hope to have all of the first batch of Aerodynamically Curvaceous shirts out in the mail tomorrow afternooon, and the first batch of Computers Are Our Friends shirts in the mail by the end of this week.

People who ordered a shirt anytime between August 18th and now should have their shirts within six weeks- I will have another batch by the end of this month and will start sending those out as soon as I get them. I'm putting shirt sales on hold for a little bit while I work out some merch stuff in preparation for Christmas. I will let you know when everything goes back on sale so keep your eyes peeled.

That's it for tonight. Enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow!

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