Hey, we finally found out Faye's last name! It's...well it's pretty normal actually. What were you expecting, Srojanovopoulos or something? Also the triage nurse is not long-lost Sara from the coffee shop, do not get your hopes up.

99% of the first batch of Pintsize shirts are now out in the mail! There are a few international orders that I have to send out tomorrow because I forgot their customs forms at the post office today. Special thanks go out to one James Ballard of Golden, CO for basically paying my bills next month due to his repeated patronage of the QC store. Enjoy all your shirts, James! I will have electricity thanks to you!

Not much else to report tonight. My lady-friend is coming up to visit tomorrow night so I have a fun weekend ahead of me! Anyway enjoy the hospitalriffic comic and I will see you tomorrow!

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