And that just about wraps up the Marten/Padma story, for now at least.

It's been tough for me to write, because I've known how it would turn out ever since Padma first showed up. Writing romantic stuff is kind of depressing when you know it is going to end badly!

It is my hope that Marten learns from this whole thing and maybe becomes a better person. But we'll see how that goes. In the meantime, I have some fun things planned for the next story arc. Weird, silly things. You'll see.

In other news, today I petted a quokka a whole bunch. It was pretty great.

We are thinking of doing a QC fan meet up in Sydney tomorrow, at around 6pm in Hyde Park. I will have specific details on my Twitter feed later today and/or tomorrow, so you should definitely follow that to find out where exactly to come hang out.

See you tomorrow.

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