So I guess Dora was either in the shower or just getting out of it when Marten callled. She's a very clean lady! Did you dig the crazy split-screen action going on in that panel? I thought it was pretty fun.

A lot of people have been asking about when the date is going to be. Well now you know, you can stop bugging me about it. It might be a couple more days (real-world time) before we actually get to it, but I'm sure you'll be amused all the same. And boy do I have some fun stuff in store for immediately afterwards. Hee hee hee.

So I did a little experiment tonight with my AIM screenname. I haven't been on in a few weeks as I'm actually much busier now than when I had a day job (heh), but tonight I signed on and set an Away message (something like "I am busy drawing and cannot talk, sorry). I got as many IMs with the away message up as I do when it is down! I really was busy drawing, so I couldn't reply, but man. When the hell did my work get this popular? There are a lot of you out there reading this silly little comic strip, and that completely boggles my mind. Thank you for enjoying it!

Today I did my first bit of gardening ever- I moved my Green PlantĀ® (that is what it is called on the little tag it came with!) from its old pot to a new, bigger one. Happy plant, happy gardener. See you tomorrow!

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