Hello there! I am back from my little trip and rarin' to go. Things such as t-shirt shippin' and email answerin' should resume this week, so keep an eye on your inboxes and mailboxes. I hope to be caught up with September orders by the end of the week, and will start sending out people's xmas purchases as my stock comes in. I hope to be caught up with email...uh...eventually. Remember, you only have until November 30th to order QC merchandise, as I will be spending most of December with the store closed so I can mail out people's holiday presents.

Also don't forget that I am giving a talk at NYU this Wednesday! Click the blue text above the newspost for the details. It should be fun!

I completely flaked out when I was on vacation and forgot to mention the guest strip I did for Sam and Fuzzy last Thursday! I am sorry Sam! It was a heck-ton of fun to draw though!

EAR STATUS: Leaky, but not painful. Not that you needed that much information. Ewww!

I think that's it for tonight, enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow, hopefully a bit brighter-eyed and bushy-tailed.

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