Today's comic is an adaptation of a conversation I had with my girlfriend as we were driving home from the mall. I say weird things sometimes!

Speaking of saying weird things, don't forget that at 7pm on Wednesday I will be appearing at NYU to give a talk with Rich Stevens and Sean Howard! You should come, it will be tons of fun. Click the blue button thingy above the newspost for the details. Oh, and I can't even describe how weird it was to see my name on the front page of Penny Arcade. Thanks for the promotion, Gabe!

All of my Christmas merchandise came today. Holy Lord is that a lot of t-shirts. The PINTSIZE HOODIES are here as well- I'm wearing one right now and it is quite possibly the most awesome piece of clothing I have ever owned. I'm thinkin' these will go up for sale on Friday. There are only 50 of them so if you want one get one ASAP to make sure I have your size in stock!

It's the middle of November, which means that you have 2 weeks left to get your Christmas shopping at the QC store done before the November 30 cutoff date. Sales have been strong so far, super-thanks to everyone who has ordered a shirt!

I had to buy a postage meter today. Buying a postage meter is something Real Businesses™ do. What the hell.

See you tomorrow!

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