The "look how pathetic I am, take pity on me and give me kisses" approach to wooing ladies is not recommended. Show some spine, dudes! Kiss that lady, ask her out on a date, throw pencils at her head in class!*

I am driving down to Maryland tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Comic updates will continue as scheduled except for Thursday (like I said yesterday), and I will resume shipping t-shirts next Monday. The last batch of hoodies is getting pretty low- if you want a large, medium, or small, I suggest you act fast! The deadline for all other xmas orders remains November 30- after that I can't guarantee that stuff will arrive in time for the holidays.

Not much else to report tonight. I'm pretty excited for World of Warcraft's debut, maybe I should start a QC clan or guild or whatever once I get my paws on the Mac version.

See you tomorrow!

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