I am pretty sure Sam Beam is too mellow to break up with himself. He would just take a nap or something and everything would be okay when he woke up. Then he might write a pretty song about it! It would probably use dandilions as a metaphor.

Man, I am going to feel like such a jerk if the Arcade Fire break up in like 3 months or something. A prescient jerk is still a jerk.

If you look above the newspost, you will see that I have two new t-shirts available for you to buy! People have been asking for a TEH shirt for ages, and I am really happy with how the Sad Guitar shirt turned out. You have until January 15th to pre-order either design, so act fast! For people wondering when the hoodies will return, a little birdie (possibly a duck) told me to check the merch page next Monday.

2005 feels like THE FUTURE to me. I hope it is a good year. Things have been pretty good so far! See you tomorrow.

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