It is bad form to try and psychoanalyze people if you are not a trained therapist, people. Even then, you should probably ask permission before you do so. Marten is setting himself up for some punchings if he does not let up on the questions.

Shirts are selling a lot better than I was expecting! I would recommend getting one before this Friday if you want to get in on the first printing of TEH and Sad Guitar. People interested in hoodies might want to do the same, as I tend to send all of my orders off to the printer in big batches. Superthanks to everyone who has ordered thus far!

People who read Diesel Sweeties or Overcompensating may have heard about this Dumbrella meet-up thing going on at the Haymarket Cafe in Northampton, MA this Thursday night at 9pm. I will be there as well, so if you would like to meet some of the best webcomic authors out there (and big dumb old yours truly) you should stop by!

That is all for tonight, I am going to go read some weird science fiction and bake cookies. COOKIES.

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