My little brother built a trebuchet in our backyard a couple years ago, using plans he got off the Internet. It is quite destructive!

This comic went up a bit early because I have plans for tonight...VIDEO GAME PLANS. Speaking of video games, my World of Warcraft guild is looking for more Priests. If you play on Whisperwind and are a healy-healer, send me a whisper (character name: Aquinas) and you may find yourself in a super-fun guild!

We got the first half of our shirt printing today, and have already begun to mail out orders. It is exciting but a lot of work! We will try to get them all out as quickly as possible, and we appreciate your patience on the matter. Sad Guitar shirts will be in my hands by the end of the week, so people who ordered one may have to wait an extra couple of days (sorry, I have no control over this).

That is it for tonight, time for some TACOS and VIDEO GAMES. See you tomorrow!

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