I must admit that I am pleased as punch with the unicorn shirt Marten is wearing. Also it looks like Coffee of Doom got another coffee maker (of doom!)

I have been talking with a nice fellow by the name of Aaron at Boston University recently, and he would like it very much if I came to give a talk there similar to what we did at NYU. I would be more than happy to do it as well, but first he needs to gauge the potential response to such an event. To aid this, he has put up a handy polling site where you can tell the BU folks whether you are interested or not. You can access it here, as well as in the semi-permanent link directly below the newspost.

The form asks for an email address but I am assured that they will not be using email addresses for anything other than counting stuff. Also they are tracking IPs so that they can tell how many people on the BU campus are interested. This does not mean that non-BU people should not vote though- if you are in the Boston area and would like to come see me give a talk there, drop a vote in there so we know about it! The more people say they are interested, the better the chances of this actually happening, so please vote if you feel the urge to do so!

That is it for tonight. Man the comics have been taking a while to draw lately-look how late it is! See you tomorrow.

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