Man sometimes being introverted is no fun at all. Those are the times when you gotta bust out of that shell and go do something fun! Or stay inside and play World of Warcraft for a couple hours. Either way, really.

People who are considering making a purchase of QC merchandise rejoice! I am submitting another order to the printer in about two weeks, meaning that if you order something before Feb 15th it will arrive much quicker than if you order thereafter. I may have a new design or two available for sale next week, so keep your eyes peeled for further announcements.

We continue to ship out merchandise as fast as our little hands will let us, and sales are going considerably better than expected. This means that if you ordered a shirt or hoodie after Jan. 15th, your merchandise may be in our next printing of t-shirts which we will have by the third week of February. We are shipping orders in the order in which we recieve them, and we appreciate your patience.

This evening I learned that mixing percoset with strong coffee is a good way to get uncontrollable jitters for a couple hours. Drawing while vibrating at 120kHz is not particularly pleasant!

See you tomorrow.

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