Marten does not give himself enough credit. Then again, he has a much narrower perspective than you, the readers of the comic, posess. For every two dudes who are all "MAN WHEN WILL HE JUST GROW SOME BALLS AND MAKE A MOVE" there are two thousand who know his uncertainty and confusion all too well (judging by the contents of my inbox, anyway).

Low self-esteem is a tough thing to deal with sometimes! 99% of the time, if all us self-hating fellows really did just force ourselves to be more assertive, good things would happen. We all know how hard that can be, though. Solidarity, my introvert brothers and sisters. RESPEK KNUCKLES.

That is it for tonight. I am finishing up the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman and this last book is hell of entertaining. Later kids and adults.

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