So it looks like Faye got her new glasses! I am quite pleased with them. If you are not, well that is too bad. I am not changing them.

You know those times where you have some big weird conversation with someone, and then the next time you are hanging out with them neither of you mentions it, even though you are both probably thinking about it still? This comic is like that. Sometimes you do not get the resolution or closure you were looking for, at least not right away. Also I have a short attention span and wanted to get to the whole apartment storyline! WHEE!

People have been throwing fun little shout-outs to QC in their own webcomics lately! Nothing Nice to Say and Aikida are the two most recent, and both quality comics to boot. Mitch Clem and I are in full agreement when it comes to enjoying Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and Fenris and I are in full agreement when it comes to enjoying drawing ladies. I do not know if Ted Leo enjoys drawing ladies. He probably likes rocking out in front of them though.

So the Ratatat show was hell of fun! Thanks to the bunch of QC readers I met, it was rad saying hello to all of you and feeling awkward about being kind of a dumb guy to meet in person!

A reminder: today is the LAST DAY TO PRE-ORDER IBOOTY SHIRTS. They will not be on sale after this except for one or two overstock shirts in each size, and those will probably last all of five minutes after I take the shirts off sale. If you want one of these shirts, I strongly suggest you purchase one today.

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