Man maybe it is just me but I think buying diamonds to demonstrate your love/committment/whatever to someone is one of the dumbest ideas ever. Basically you are saying "baby, I am willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money on an essentially useless piece of shiny rock." That is hell of stupid.

(I mean, unless you really LIKE tiny little pieces of shiny rock whose value has been artificially inflated by the international cartel that controls their distribution and production. Then buy as many diamonds as you want, I guess.)

Hey, look who did a guest strip for the punkest comic on the intarweb, Nothing Nice to Say! If I told you that Mitch forced me to draw this comic while listening to the Epoxies at 130 decibels, I would be lying to you.

A brief heads-up: there is some chance that sometime in the next few weeks a couple strips will go up later than usual. I will have more details about why this is the case later, but for now just bear with me if there are any delays.

Enjoy the comic and I will see you (hopefully) tomorrow.

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