Man what is up with me and all the learnin' related comic strips lately? Tomorrow I'll be all namechecking Thomas Edison or some shit.

That may be the first time the phrase "Thomas Edison or some shit" has ever been typed. Mark it in your calendars, folks.

Bands Whose Most Recent Albums You Would Probably Like But I Am Too Lazy To Do A Full Writeup About Right Now: Pinback (indie pop), LCD Soundsystem (clicks and beeps, funky jamz), Mastodon (metal with utterly ridiculous drumming).

Average writing time for each strip this week: 2 hours. Average drawing time: 4 hours. Let it not be said that webcartoonery is a job for lazy people.

Cristi and I are building me a new desk. For the desktop itself, we are using a DOOR. This thing is going to be captial-a awesome when it gets finished.

Back to ye olde drawing tablet.

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