...And out come the music snobs to berate me for liking Television more than the Velvet Underground. Fun Fact: I don't regularly listen to any music recorded before 1989. Don't know why, but it's true. Thank you in advance for suggesting [insert name of pre-1989 band here] but there is too much stuff being released NOW for me to keep up with. When good new music stops coming out, I'll check out old stuff.

So the talk on Wednesday night was pretty much the most fun ever. Pictures are forthcoming when we eventually get the digital camera back (left it there by mistake). Eleven thousand thankyous to everyone who showed up, esp. the rad-ass people in QC gear.

People often ask me my opinion of Pitchfork Media. What it basically boils down to is this- they are a music criticism site. You will not agree with everything (or even most things) they say, because everyone's taste differs. Case in point- I completely agree with their opinion of the new Decemberists record (we both think it is wonderful) and completely disagree with their opinion of the new Shipping News record (I think it is awesome, they think it is "meh"). People who get offended by record reviews are people who lack confidence in their own taste.

That is it for tonight. See you tomorrow!

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