Everyone has moments of melancholy, but don't worry- I promise the comic is not about to turn into a big ol' whine fest. It's just funny to look back on the assumptions you made about adulthood when you were younger and realize how off-base your predictions were. Ironically, when I was 12 I really really wanted to be a professional cartoonist one day. At least I (sort of) got that right!

So look! Pandapus hoodies and t-shirts are available for preorder now! We're going to do the standard 2 weeks of pre-orders before they go to the printer, and depending on demand they may or may not stay on sale after that. Hopefully you think Pandapus is as cute as I do. At the very least, I'll be able to get my hands on Marten's hoodie (which is the main reason I am actually selling these- I really want one).

I think that is it for tonight. Look for a bunch of updates to various parts of the site Tuesday afternoon (hopefully), and I will see you laterz!

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