I wasn't originally planning to include Dora's older brother in QC's actual cast, but he pretty much sprung fully-formed into my head the other day and I simply couldn't not do at least a few strips featuring him. We'll see where this goes as it gets there. Also, I figure it is good to introduce at least one more male character before adding even more ladies to the cast, as I seem to be in the habit of doing. One of these days I'll have to put together a more authoritative cast page. Perhaps tomorrow?

Did you notice that Pandapus hoodies and t-shirts are on sale? I forgot to mention it in the last newspost, so I'm sayin' it again now. I am stupidly excited for the hoodies in particular.

iBooty shirts are going out in the mail as we speak, and the design came out even better than I was expecting. It looks super-super-hot on the white shirts, but the black and blue ones look pretty rad too. People who ordered them can expect good things in the mail soon.

You read my friend Jon's DogBlog, right? I submit to you that it is impossible not to enjoy his web site. He has expressed wonder at the sheer numbers of people who visit Der DogBloggen and I fully intend to further baffle his mind by aiming you, my faithful readers, in his direction. Tell him where you came from. Send him e-mails.

That is totally it for now. Enjoy the comic and I will see you tomorrow.

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