Lotsa stuff to talk about tonight.

First off- my girlfriend (and friendly assistant) Cristi was in the hospital this weekend. She is fine now, everything will be okay, but she and I both need time to recover this week. That means that while I will do my best to get shirts mailed out, there will probably be delays. We both appreciate your good wishes and stuff, but I'm probably going to be too busy to respond to email this week so you do not have to email us about it. I'm sure you understand. Oh, and comic updates WILL be as usual, I can promise that much.

Second: I have begun a silly little side project (and when I say silly, I mean silly). It combines my love for really stupid jokes with my love for little birds with unfortunate names. I present to you, and hope you will enjoy it. If not, that's okay too- I'm having enough fun with it that I don't much care (much like QC, actually).

Third: I forgot what the third thing was going to be.

Fourth: Pandapus shirts will go to the printer tomorrow, so order now if you want to get in on the first batch. We'll try to get a bunch extra in stock, but I recommend pre-ordering if you want one in a semi-timely fashion. Again, thanks for everyone's patience as we recuperate and get back into the mailin' business.

I think that is it. Enjoy the comic(s) and I will see you tomorrow.

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