An alternate line for Pintsize in panel three was "He had an away message up that said 'Pintsize =' and then an ASCII version of the Goatse guy". I did not go with this, partly because it was horrendously vulgar, and partly because if you do not know what Goatse was you wouldn't get the joke.

Current hat status: the hat has arrived at Casa de Jeph and is dangerously jaunty.

We should have Pandapus hoodies and shirts in our hands by the end of this week, at which point we will begin shipping them out. Thank you for your patience.

Confidential to everyone who has emailed me or posted on the forums about Pintsize resembling Marvin from the new Hitchhiker's Guide movie: Yes, he sort of does, doesn't he. Okay now stop emailing me about it!

See you tomorrow.

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