I think Faye is joking in panel four, but I'm not certain. With the right angle and sufficiently wide hips, you could probably block out a good chunk of sunlight if you tried.

The weird thing about self-image is that very often it is not grounded in reality at all. Faye certainly isn't what most people would call "fat", and if she's overweight it's not by too much. She's just got some big hips and a bit of a tummy (two things I have been working to make more noticeable lately, as she was lookin' a little thinner a while back- I tend to err on the side of subtlety when it comes to artwork). However, because she's comparatively heavier than Dora and Raven, she feels bad. I often wonder if low self-esteem is a result of outside stimuli or if people find things to feel bad about because they're looking for something to fixate on. Probably both I guess.

Also, french fries are bad for you. This is a shame, because I think they are just about the tastiest thing you can do to a potato. Ah well.

That is it for tonight. See you tomorrow.

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